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The sociable side of yoga

There is no shortage of reasons to get into your yoga or Pilates clothing and make the most of these exercises. They might help you to de-stress after a tough day and they also have many health benefits. For example, they can boost strength, fitness and flexibility. Meanwhile, there’s another aspect of yoga sessions to bear in mind and this stems from the social interaction that takes place. Commenting on this, Miranda Chapman, a Hatha yoga teacher who trained in India, said: “The asanas (or poses) give yoga its public image. But there is more to yoga than just doing stretches and poses,” the Montreal Gazette reports. She added: “There are deeper philosophical and lifestyle reasons for doing yoga.” She expert wants people in her home city of Montreal to take their passion for yoga into the community and help to raise awareness of its benefits. She and a group of fellow enthusiasts are seeking to “take yoga out of the studio and into the ’hood.” They are attempting to build a yoga community in the area that helps to bring together teachers and followers to share information. Both newcomers and veterans are welcome. To help get things started, the group recently staged a special festival encompassing yoga workshops, seminars, chakra discussions, vipassana meditations, breathing lessons and so on. More than 35 teachers offered sessions. Meanwhile, for those who were seeking something a little unusual, a ‘yoga jam’ was staged. According to Ms Chapman, while many individuals first climb onto their yoga exercise mats to benefit from relaxation and stretching, a considerable number then go on to incorporate it into other parts of their lives. She stated: “You start for physical reasons and then you can’t help but become more conscious of your own body and of the body of the person next to you, and gradually of the whole world around you.” Regardless of the reasons why you take part in yoga, or whether or not you engage in the exercises socially as part of a class or by yourself at home, it’s important you get the perfect clothes. By selecting garments that help you to feel comfortable and that you love to wear, you can make the sessions more pleasurable. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of products for you to choose from. Here at Wellicious we offer an impressive array of items for you to peruse. Whether you’re after long yoga pants, leggings, vest-style tops, long-sleeved tops or anything else, we should have exactly what you want. Meanwhile, our products are far from dull. We go out of our way to ensure all our offerings are vibrant and stylish. Also, they feel great to wear, helping you to concentrate on your exercises and really get the most from your sessions. To find out more about the products we sell, just take a look around our online boutique.


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