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Yoga can help kids have fun and get fit

Making sure your children have the best start in life is likely to be hugely important to you and one issue you may be focussing on is ensuring your little ones are fit and active. These days, it’s all too easy for kids to lead sedentary lives and snack on unhealthy food, which can have negative consequences for their overall wellbeing.The trouble is, finding activities that they like to do and that are healthy can be tough. When you’re competing against the lure of computer games, the web and television, you might sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. However, by getting your tots involved in yoga early on, you may stand a better chance. According to an article in the Calgary Herald, many of the postures associated with this form of exercise mimic those children make naturally. For example, infants on their backs will “gravitate to holding their feet with their hands”, it noted. It added: “When babies first sit up, their little spines are straight, their shoulders are open, and there is no room to slouch and round. Toddlers are comfortable sitting in a squat and playing with whatever is in front of them. Children up to the age of five or six can easily bend over and touch fingers to toes.” This could mean that kitting youngsters out with yoga clothing and getting them involved in the discipline is straightforward. Meanwhile, the news source added: “Young muscles are loose and lubricated and allow unbridled movement. Sadly, as we stop doing these natural and innate postures and spend more time sitting in chairs, we lose the ability to move freely and comfortably.” There are other advantages associated with yoga for youngsters. The publication went on to note that the activity can help children to learn to be calm and relaxed, as well as how to connect with one another and themselves. Also, working out on yoga mats does not have to be competitive, it pointed out, saying: “Everybody is accepted and welcomed, and all children are provided with an outlet to feel physically connected and successful.”

The news source went on to note that it’s possible for parents to try out some yoga poses with their children by themselves without going to classes. For example, they can attempt a downward dog, a squat, a forward fold or a tree pose. If you’re looking to initiate your baby in the ways of yoga, you’ve come to the right place. As well as selling flattering and vibrant women’s yoga tops, we also offer a range of adorable items for tots. This is perfect if you’re keen to try out some of the mother and baby yoga classes that are now available or if you want to test out some exercises within the comfort of your own home. Activities like this may help to set your child up for a healthy life.


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