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SHED yoga might be perfect for you

There are plenty of different styles of yoga for you to choose from these days. This is great because it means that you should be able to find a version that suits your preferences perfectly.One style you may be keen to try is called SHED yoga, which is designed to develop participants' both spiritually and physically. Commenting on this particular approach to the discipline, Femalefirst described it as "innovative". The celebrity gossip and lifestyle magazine spoke to its founder, wellbeing expert Jane Kersel. The specialist, who has more than 25 years of yoga teaching experience and has a celebrity clientele, noted that she wanted to make the discipline accessible to all. Asked what is so special about the techniques and why people should don their women's yoga clothing to get involved in this style of class, Ms Kersel said: "SHED is a mind and body practise that uses different movements that actually compliment yoga." She added: "It can be done in infrared heat (HOT SHED) to make you sweat, providing you with a deeper detox than say a juice fast. This draws out all the toxins we take in during the day by vibrating the molecules within your body so they release those toxins." The teacher also pointed out that it's possible to slip into your loungewear at home and take part in the exercises. This still gives the health and fitness benefits of HOT SHED with an element of cardiovascular work, she suggested. When it comes to creating the perfect setting, participants should get rid of distractions like music, she advised. Ms Kersel added that people can go through the exercises outdoors. This can help them to "feel the earth and bring it all back to nature". Meanwhile, focussing on the health benefits, she said: "What is great about SHED is that it not only increases your flexibility, which is something that is focused on with yoga, but builds your strength especially in your core. It is created specifically for the western body which is used to sitting crouched over a desk, feeling stressed and exposed to electromagnetic waves." As well as having gorgeous garments to wear when you get stuck into your exercises, it's also important to have other handy accessories. For example, you might benefit from investing in yoga mats. After all, floor work can be uncomfortable if you don't have padding down beneath you. Here at Wellicious we're dedicated to making superb yoga products accessible. By perusing our online boutique, you can take your pick from an array of stunning garments and our range of extras. From mats to videos and relaxation products, we have it all. Meanwhile, when you buy items from us, you can rest assured you'll be doing your bit for charity. Every time you hand over money for one of our products, you will contribute to the education of street children in Peru.


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