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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Hot soup for cold weather

    When you are tired about the autumn weather and you need something to get in a better mood, what do you think about a hot an delicious soup? It is the perfect way to prevent a cold after a rainy day. Additionally it gives you a lot of energy back after your Yoga class. The autumn has a lot of tasty vegetables and they are now available on the ...

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  • Oct 4 - Oct 7, Jivamukti Yoga London

    Jivamukti Immersion with Yogeswari and Gabriela, assisted by Andrea Kwiatkowski Don't miss the chance to practice with two Jivamukti teacher training facilitators at once. Jivamukti Yoga Immersions take you deeper into the study of Jivamukti Yoga as they are part of our continuing education project. The curriculum is derived from the Jivamukt ...

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  • Slipping into your yoga wear in the City

    When you think of the City, you might conjure up images of high-rise buildings, grey streets, suits, posh cars and so on. After all, this is the financial epicentre of the UK and it's where the movers and shakers congregate to go about their business. At first, this might seem like the last place people would swap their business attire for colo ...

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  • No longer guilty conscience

        Are you considering to get a pair of new shoes? If so what about some eco- friendly shoes? And no, not of these eco shoes, where you can see that they are sustainable produced. Nice Sneakers and High heels are now available from sustainable brands such as Veja/ made of tanned leather, organic cotton and natural rubber without an ...

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  • Evidence yoga may help stroke sufferers

    Yoga is many things to many people. Like a lot of enthusiasts, you might have turned to this ancient discipline to boost your fitness or to help you unwind and cope with the pressures of modern life. However, there is also evidence that the activities can help alleviate the symptoms of certain health complaints. For example, if you have limite ...

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  • A new way of snacking

      Do you like snacking? But you don't like the side effects?What do you think about healthy snacking? We found a way and the only thing to do, is to decide what kind of snack is your favourite. On you can choose from about 100 nutritious snacks. You tell them which you like and they put it for you in a box and send it to you. Addition ...

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  • Never forget your yoga mat

    Before you set off to your yoga classes, it's a good idea to check you have everything you could possibly need to help ensure you get the most from the sessions. For example, it's vital you have the appropriate yoga clothes. Thankfully, these days, it's easy to source fantastic garments and accessories to go with them. Recently, Yahoo! Lifestyl ...

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  • Autumn Yoga events

    There are some interesting events in the next few weeks recommended by and from us Wellicious. This Sunday (23th September) afternoon (4:30 - 5:30pm) vinyasa flow yoga workshop in Chelsea will be all about practising yoga with a smile on our faces! You will have fun getting fearless, playful and downright silly exploring funky ye ...

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  • The sociable side of yoga

    There is no shortage of reasons to get into your yoga or Pilates clothing and make the most of these exercises. They might help you to de-stress after a tough day and they also have many health benefits. For example, they can boost strength, fitness and flexibility. Meanwhile, there’s another aspect of yoga sessions to bear in mind and this st ...

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  • Yoga can help kids have fun and get fit

    Making sure your children have the best start in life is likely to be hugely important to you and one issue you may be focussing on is ensuring your little ones are fit and active. These days, it’s all too easy for kids to lead sedentary lives and snack on unhealthy food, which can have negative consequences for their overall wellbeing.The trou ...

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