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Wellicious is proud to support SOS Children’s Village in Peru

Each of us in the Wellicious team is proud to sponsor an individual child from SOS Children's Villages in Peru.

André at Wellicious sponsors 5 year old Serapio that was adopted by Ayacucho House at SOS Children’s Village in Peru.

Serapio is just five years old.  He is a wonderful, healthy Peruvian boy. Serapio joined his SOS-family in October 2009 together with his older two brothers and sister. Gaining confidence in all of the new village faces took some time.  At first, he was anxious, cried a lot and also needed to get used to sleeping in a bed.  But his SOS-village mother Fabiola showed him much loving attention that helped him adapt and grow. Now he feels completely at home.  Serapio is full of live and loves to visit the nursery school where he has lots of new friends. Serapio is a typical young boy and he is aware of his special position of being the baby of the family.  He loves being pampered by everybody!  Wellicious is proud to sponsor Serapio  - our little sunshine is quite playful and he loves toy cars, animals, ball games, listening and dancing to music, and is demonstrating his artistic streak by decorating paper with colour spots. At mealtimes, he is already quite independent of the help of others, but he insists in having company of his loving SOS family.

SOS Children is the world’s largest orphan charity, caring for children with no one in 123 countries. Read more and sponsor a child!

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