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all I need - carbonated organic green-tea-drink

all i need is a completely new type of refreshment based on green tea.

It’s new because they brew solely whole tea leaves from selected organic Sencha green tea leaves from China according to a tradition that is thousands of years old. For that process they use three times as much tea as is used for other tea beverages. That way, we make sure that the precious ingredients of the tea and its inimitable taste are preserved. The theine (the “caffeine” contained in tea) can be processed much better by the body than synthesized caffeine, and therefore has a smoother and longer-lasting effect. As a sweetener only agave juice is used. With its warming impact, ginger balances the cooling effect of the green tea harmoniously. The superfruits aronia and açaí strengthen the body and support its regeneration. In this way the different ingredients complement each other perfectly and add up to a completely natural, harmonic and holistic refreshment - which tastes delicious, too!

all i need is a very refreshing beverage that gives you energy and is based on the flavourful diversity of nature.

Among the ingredients of all i need are numerous substances with an especially high content of antioxidants – above all the superfruits aronia and açaí as well as green tea.
Ginger contains a large quantity of these valuable substances as well.

Altogether, that makes all i need the ideal refreshment for anyone, who cares for their health and their environment and sets great store by a healthy, conscious lifestyle. Wellness to go!

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