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Yoga is great for youngsters

Yoga may have been around for a long time, but its popularity shows no sign of declining. Indeed, quite the opposite is true. More and more people around the world are switching onto the benefits of this form of exercise.

Meanwhile, it's not only adults who are benefiting from slipping into their yoga clothing. Youngsters are also getting in on the action.

Something for the kids

The discipline can be great for children and one woman has been emphasising this point. Healthy Hollywood noted that Katie Brennan from Denton in Greater Manchester has started running classes aimed at kids. They focus on play, song, games and simple relaxation techniques.

According to the news source, yoga for children is not something new. It pointed out that US charity Bent On Learning has been championing the benefits of yoga for children for the past decade. It also noted that actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed she practices yoga with her children to help calm them down.

The benefits of yoga for children

Bent On Learning's Susie Lopez suggested that exercises like this can help boys and girls to cope with the pressures they face. She said: "School days can be long and challenging; peer pressure, stresses at home or in a busy social life can build up and debilitate even the most grounded of students. Our curriculum teaches yoga asana or poses, mindfulness and skills to boost focus and emotional stability."

Meanwhile, according to the instructor, kids love to get into their yoga trousers and so on and take part in the activities. According to the expert, they make the perfect pupils because their "hearts and minds are open" and they live "completely in the present".

Encouraging your children to have a go

If you're eager for your youngsters to get involved in yoga, it's important to make sure they have the right gear. Equipping them with the perfect garments, yoga mats and so on is vital as without these items, they might struggle to make the most of their experiences.

Getting started at an early age

It's even possible to get your little ones involved in yoga when they're still babies. Indeed, we even sell special shoes, mats and clothes for tiny tots.

To see our full range of items, just take a look around our website. Introducing your children to the wonders of yoga from an early stage might start a lifelong passion in the discipline and this could be great news for their health.

After all, the discipline is superb as a way of boosting flexibility and strength. It's also an excellent way for people to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, which can ultimately benefit their wellbeing more generally.

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