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Transformational Healing, Balinese Style

This spring our Wellicious Fan Ariadna went to Bali. Delving into what Bali is all about - all things health & spirituality. Luckily, there are plenty of places on the island of Gods to do that.

As a dedicated Spa junkie, she decided to test out a different kind of healing resort just outside Ubud, called Fivelements. The fact that this newly opened sanctuary of holistic health has already won the Destination Spa of the Year Award made the place even more desirable.

Every single aspect of Fivelements is designed to bring the guests in line with the resort's two guiding principles. The first one, Tri Kaya Parisudha, encourages you to align your thoughts, words and actions. The second principle, called Tri Hita Karana, is looking at harmonising you relationships with other people, the environment and the Divine. Sounds like quite a task? Well, the resort has all the right tools at hand to guide you through that journey of transformational change.

It starts immediately as you arrive and sink into the resort's ambient energy of care and support. A deep sense of comfort is all over you, and no wonder; the property's design goes in line with the Balinese feng shui and is similar to that of a traditional Hindu temple. It has the "head" turned towards Bali's sacred mountain (the reception area); the "body" where all the activities happen (dining and treatments) and the "feet" where the resort's seven accommodation rooms are located, with the generous amount of space in between.

Pretty much the entire place is made out of bamboo with plenty of symbolism woven in. Just a little example: the biggest yoga hall resembling an oyster-shaped mountain has two roofs that come together towards the top, representing the duality of life. Its entrance points towards the water and the exit towards the mountain symbolising the cycle of life.

An ambient sound system throughout the resort playing devotional music adds to the meditative atmosphere.

Now, that's just the surroundings. The actual programme at Fivelements is three-fold, combining traditional Balinese healing, Sacred Arts and Living Food.

The process starts with identifying your challenges, which may involve analysing the patterns from your past, looking at pitfalls in your current lifestyle, and setting the goals for you to achieve during your stay. Based on the "diagnosis" the therapist recommends appropriate healing rituals, most of them being a combination of meditation, mantra chanting and energy work. Surrender in capable hands of native Balinese healers and enjoy Holistic Massage with Prana combination, Deep Healing Reflexology, Acupressure, Invigorating Bodywork and Muscle Release, Chakra Balancing, Prana Healing... the list goes on.

Having spent some time in this oasis of nourishment and transformational healing, not only do you leave rested, rejuvenated and quite possibly free of some deep-seated conditions and shifted mindset. You also get equipped with some tips and tools that can bring about some profound changes in your daily life.

Best way to embark upon a new healing journey at Fivelements is to do a Pancha Mahabhuta retreat for at least five to seven nights.

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