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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Dancing with your Dragon

    Shaeri Richards is currently in demand as an author, speaker and Hypnotherapist; her foundational background was forged in the fields of communication and the performing arts. In her book, “Dancing with your Dragon:  The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self,” the dragon symbolizes our personal power.  Just like electricity can be helpful or harmfu ...

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  • Wellicious Charity Chi Wawa Om T-Shirt featured in MADAME Germany

    Wellicious charity Chi Wawa Om T-Shirt with its quirky Chi Wawa print is more than just a T-shirt. Wellicious will make a donation from each sale of the T-shirts to SOS Kinderdorf Children’s villages in Peru. This is a charity very close to Wellicious founder, Heike Schnell's heart; Being of Peruvian decent and as a mother herself. “I am very p ...

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  • Advanced Dosha-Regulating Quantum Yoga DVD Trilogy

    Wellicious Fan, Lara Baumann renown for devising Quantum Yoga® which facilitates the creation of dynamic sequences in accordance with individual requirements shall be launching an Advanced Dosha-regulating Quantum Yoga DVD Trilogy. Quantum Yoga® is a system of grouping and linking postures (asana) in a breath-synchronised flow (vinyasa), and as ...

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  • Earth Day, 22nd of April 2012

    You can make a difference! Help Earth Day Network – that works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries broaden and mobilize the environmental movement. Pledge an Act of Green and help the Earth Day Network reach their goal of 1 billion. What is your pledge for Earth Day on Sunday? Post your comment on our Facebook site and let us know!

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  • Warriors and Waves Bali Escape, 24th – 31st of August 2012

    It’s hard to imagine many places more beautiful than Bali, but the fact that you can have such a beautiful retreat space, amazing beaches AND some of the best surf breaks in the world is all just too much for a travelling yogi! Bali has been called the green jewel of Indonesia. For many years this tropical island has attracted people from all o ...

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  • Practice Yoga with Gabriela Bozic in Switzerland and Munich

    Gabriela Bozic, MA, an internationally renowned yoga teacher, holds a master's degree in linguistics and advanced certification in Jivamukti Yoga. She leads workshops and trainings internationally and is an established presenter at yoga conferences worldwide. Her classes integrate both physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yoga into ...

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  • Wellicious is proud to support SOS Children’s Village in Peru

    Wellicious is proud to support SOS Children’s Village in Peru – a social enterprise which is close to our Founder’s heart. Today there are eight SOS Children's Villages in Peru which are home to over 850 children. In addition there are fifteen projects attached to the villages providing education, social and medical care for the local communiti ...

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  • Transformational Healing, Balinese Style

    This spring our Wellicious Fan Ariadna went to Bali. Delving into what Bali is all about - all things health & spirituality. Luckily, there are plenty of places on the island of Gods to do that. As a dedicated Spa junkie, she decided to test out a different kind of healing resort just outside Ubud, called Fivelements. The fact that this new ...

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  • Wellicious Eternal Yoga Mat

    Yoga can be a great activity. It is the perfect way to boost your body and mind and can have significant health benefits. However, if you want to make the most of this discipline, it's important that you have all the right gear and it is worth it to invest in yoga accessories e.g. thick yoga mats for more comfort. For example, you must feel com ...

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  • Maternity yoga and Pilates wear is a superb investment

    Being pregnant is not easy. While you may be excited by the prospect of becoming a mum, you may also be feeling considerably worse for wear at the moment. Carrying around all the extra weight and coping with the hormonal changes, tiredness and so on can really take its toll. However, there are ways in which you can boost your body's resilience ...

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