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Energy For 2012 - the New Year's San Kalpa Workshop with Katrina Repka

"Yoga is the path to finding your true self. let me show you the way" [Katrina Repka]
Yogairaj (Yoga Master) Katrina Repka has been studying yoga for twenty years and teaching since ten years. She runs ISHTA retreats, teachter training and workshops in the UK, Europe and internationally. Katrina is now the head of ISTHA in Europe. ISHTA Yoga, is a unique blend of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda that is the creation of renowned US-based techer.

The New Year is traditionally a time for us to make resolutions for positive change. In this special New Year's workshop, Yoga Master Katrina Repka will teach you how to incorporate your best intentions through the yogic practice of San Kalpa. The workshop will begin with an overview of the chakra system and then, through the practice of asana, will explore the first and second chakras (where our deepest unconscious impressions are stored). The physical practice will be followed by seated pranayama and a powerful San Kalpha meditation to nourish and activate our best intentions in order to bring them to consciousness and make them real in our lives. Location: The Life Centre Notting Hill For further information please follow this link.

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