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Dealing With Yoga Foot Cramps

An occupational hazard for people who don their yoga clothes and get stuck into the discipline is foot cramp. So, if you have suffered such problems while in classes, you are by no means alone. However, episodes like this can be painful and embarrassing. Severe cramps can stop you from continuing with your exercises. But the good news is, there are certain measures you can adopt to reduce the likelihood that your feet will spasm in this way.

For example, dehydration is known to contribute to cramps. Therefore, by ensuring you have plenty of fluids before you start your exercises you can minimise the risk that you will have such problems. Although it can be difficult to take drinks while you are involved in classes, it is easy to hydrate yourself before you begin.  Also, it is thought that eating potassium-rich foods can be beneficial. Bananas are healthy and have plenty of this substance in them.

Meanwhile, if you still experience cramps, don't panic. By easing out of the position you are in and stretching out the affected foot, you can reduce the length of the spasm. Massaging the sore area also helps. And there is no reason to feel embarrassed. Plenty of those in the room with you will have been through similar things themselves and will therefore not think twice about it. So that you feel comfortable more generally when engaging in classes, it also pays off to invest in stylish and comfortable women's yoga clothing. Here at Wellicious, we stock a wide range of attractive and practical yoga workout clothes that could be perfect for you.

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