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Yoga When Expecting

Many people worry about returning to their usual yoga routines when they find out they're pregnant; in the Western world we place a lot of emphasis on the idea that pregnant women should change their eating, drinking and leisure habits, rest and even stop working. Other cultures take a more relaxed approach, with women working, walking long distances and even practicing sports for much further into their pregnancy. Of course we should all follow our doctor's advice, but it's often healthy for pregnant women to keep exercising well into pregnancy. In fact, yoga is the perfect exercise for pregnancy; safe, low-impact and easily adapted to avoid any danger to the foetus, it can help women tone their muscles to support the bump, and even endure natural labour more easily and quickly with less discomfort. Best of all, it lowers stress and blood pressure, which is exceptionally healthy for the baby.

Convinced? If so, for maternity yoga wear with a little style, call Wellicious or go online. Our yoga wear is breathable and allows plenty of flexibility, and is available in a variety of fresh and fashionable shades for any complexion. Best of all, most of our maternity yoga clothing is stylish and stretchy enough to fit both during and after pregnancy, saving you money once you start working to get your pre-baby body back. Here at Wellicious, we're with women every step of the way; start your yoga journey today.

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