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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Celebrate "Freedom- Free From" Cupcakes With Soulcialize

    Soulcialize offers delightful, delicious, guilt-free cupcakes, baked daily using, where possible, organic/fair-trade ingredients, specialising in Freedom* cupcakes as well traditional varieties. Soulcialize specialises in Freedom cupcakes, made with wheat, gluten free ingredients, free from dairy and/or eggs… but the cupcakes are definitely not ...

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  • Making The Most Of Home Yoga

    If you are determined to make the most of yoga at home, you are by no means alone. Many people have switched on to the benefits of this ancient discipline and are making the most of it, and for a lot of individuals this involves engaging in the exercises at home. However, to ensure you get the best results, it helps to follow a few basic princi ...

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  • Fitting Yoga Around Your Schedule

    Yoga is associated with a range of physical and psychological benefits. It can be a great way to control and reduce stress levels, help tackle depression and it helps make bodies more flexible, strong and fit. It is therefore no surprise that so many people are making the most of the discipline. Indeed, you might be eager to get involved too. H ...

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  • Dealing With Yoga Foot Cramps

    An occupational hazard for people who don their yoga clothes and get stuck into the discipline is foot cramp. So, if you have suffered such problems while in classes, you are by no means alone. However, episodes like this can be painful and embarrassing. Severe cramps can stop you from continuing with your exercises. But the good news is, there ...

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  • Why Mums To Be Are Getting Stuck Into Yoga

    One of the great things about yoga is its eclectic appeal. People of all ages and both sexes can get stuck into the discipline and make the most of it. There are many different forms of the discipline. Some are highly active and energetic and others are more meditative and tranquil. Among those who benefit from the pursuit are pregnant women. M ...

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  • 11/11/11 - Gateway To Aquarius

    The 11/11/11 gateway to Aquarius is upon us. When the Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan came to the west in 1969 he said 'I have come not to gather students but to train teachers to assist people into the age of Aquarius. The cosmic vibration changes it's frequency from the navel chakra to the heart chakra. The heart chakra resonates with qualities ...

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  • Looking Gorgeous In Your Yoga Class

    When you have looked for new yoga wear in the past, you might have been disappointed with the items on offer. For some reason, many providers of such offerings seem to pay little heed to the way they look. This can be hugely frustrating. After all, you might be keen to look your best when you attend your classes and donning frumpy and unattract ...

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  • Getting The Most From Yoga

    Many people find there is nothing better than donning their yoga clothes and getting stuck into exercises. However, to get the most from such endeavours, it is important for individuals to bear in mind a number of dos and don'ts. So, if you are thinking of taking up such activities, you might want to take these into account. For example, expert ...

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  • The Health Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga has numerous physical and mental health benefits and is practised by millions the world over. However, as well as helping people with overall health benefits of body strengthening, weight loss, increased flexibility, improved posture and breathing, relaxation and reduction in stress, and increased focus, yoga can also help those with physi ...

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  • Wellicious Showing At Yoga And Pilates Conference

    Wellicious is proud to be showing at the Yoga & Pilates Conference in Kassel, Germany on 5th to 6th November 2011.The Yoga and Pilates Conference is held in Germany annually, and is dedicated to offering aspiring and committed yoga and Pilates practitioners advice, information and products for the variety of yoga and Pilates disciplines ava ...

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