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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • ¡Salud! Experience the one and only Vinotherapy Treatments at Homewood Park

    Homewood Park is delightfully idyllic and tranquil set in parklands and stunning and award-winning gardens with a unique view over the beautiful Limpley Stoke Valley. Step inside and explore the house, you will notice that it still retains most of its original features. A fusion of the traditional and contemporary. The exposed wooden floors, an ...

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  • Fight The Winter Blues With Yoga

    Hard to believe as it may be, the summer has now been and gone. You might feel somewhat cheated by the lack of nice weather over the summer period in your part of the country but the fact is, autumn is well underway and winter lies in wait. At this time of year, you might start to feel a little down. The long, mild evenings have gone and the da ...

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  • Feel Great When You’re Lounging About

    A feeling of wellbeing goes hand in hand with yoga, and at Wellicious we know that you don’t want to compromise on looking stylish and feeling comfortable or feminine whilst you’re doing your yoga poses, or even the most mundane of tasks. Whether it’s a trip down to the local shops to stock up the fridge, do a little housework around the house ...

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  • Look Beautiful In Maternity Wear

    In addition to our expansive collection of yoga, pilates and loungewear, here at Wellicious we extend our expertise in creating functional-yet-flattering clothing to the maternity wear industry. We realise that it can be difficult for glowing pregnant ladies to find clothing that allows them to still look and feel elegant and attractive, which ...

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  • It Is Time For An Autumn Cleanse

    The best way to start the autumn is with a body cleansing process. Take quality time for yourself aiming to cleanse your body of toxins. Or maybe you’ll need a super-food boost, don’t worry, EF MEDISPA’s menu of colonics will tick all your choices. Feel the benefits and advantages of having colonic hydrotherapy, this includes an improved health ...

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  • Yoga Clothes Designed With Yoga Poses In Mind

    Yoga is a spiritual discipline proven to offer physiological and psychological benefits to practitioners. It allows the person taking part in the myriad of elegant poses to gain a state of perfect tranquillity; freeing their mind of troublesome thoughts and stretching their limbs comfortably. At Wellicious we are passionate about all-things yog ...

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  • Choose A Yoga Style That Suits You

    If you are considering getting involved in yoga, it is important to choose a style of the activity that suits you. If you fail to achieve this, you might be put off the discipline, which would be a great shame as it has much to offer and can help boost your body and mind. The important thing to bear in mind is that it is not simply a case of do ...

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  • Find The Balance Between Your Body, Mind And Spirit With Kiran Jhite

    The definition of holistic healing is to balance the body, mind, spirit and the whole self. This provides benefits in everyday life allowing you to reach your true potential, find inner peace and make the most of every opportunity in your life. Kiran's holistic treatments are conducted in a professional and sensitive manner and will provide you ...

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  • Achieve Comfort And Style With Great Yoga Wear

    Buying clothes can be a tricky business. Often you might have to make trade-offs between comfort and style. For example, selecting a pair of shoes for a party can present a dilemma. You are keen to look fantastic but you know that the items you really want would cause you considerable discomfort. Therefore, you have to choose between sacrificin ...

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  • Give Your Little One The Best Start With Yoga Classes

    Having a child is a life-changing event. All of a sudden, your focus and priorities shift and your sense of yourself and the world around you will never be quite the same again. So, if you have just become a mother, you are no doubt eager to provide your tot with the very best start in life. One activity you might want to consider is baby yoga. ...

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