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How Prenatal Yoga Can Benefit You

Excercise is important in order to keep fit and healthy while pregnant, particularly if you are used to exercising regularly pre-pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for pregnant women, and has numerous physical and mental benefits for both you and your baby. Yoga helps you to build strength, which will make it easier for your lower body to adjust to carrying the extra weight and help you readjust your balance. Many pregnant women suffer from aches and pains due to this extra weight, particularly in the back, and you will strengthen these muscles, relieving the pain. You can also prepare your body for childbirth with certain poses helping you to open your hips and get your baby into position. An important thing for any pregnant woman to learn is how to breathe properly in preparation for labour in order to manage the pain. Yoga will teach you breathing exercises to help keep you calm and maximise oxygen flow as a part of pain management. While practising yoga, you will also relieve yourself of any worries you have about your pregnancy, the birth or when the baby arrives, so this is a time when you can enjoy a moment of calm. Before starting to practise prenatal yoga, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that it is suitable for you. If you already practise yoga and intend to carry on going to your regular class, you may well need to alter certain poses, and your instructor will be able to advise you on the best ways to do this. For those who are new to yoga or who wish to attend a different class while pregnant, you should be able to find dedicated prenatal yoga classes easily in your area.

As with the rest of your wardrobe, you will need to have yoga clothes which are suitable for pregnancy and your changing body. All yoga clothes are comfortable, but maternity yoga wear will be specially designed with comfort in mind for your new body shape. Make sure that clothing is looser around your tummy area and that you have ease of movement. Although loose fitting might be more ideal when looking for women’s yoga tops, be aware that these might expose your bump during certain poses, which might not be to your liking. Consequently, you might prefer to have a more fitted top, although make sure that it isn’t restrictive. Tops should be made from a breathable fabric which will absorb the moisture from your body, known as ‘wicking’. You will most likely need to buy some new yoga pants as your pregnancy develops to accommodate your growing bump. Maternity yoga pants will have an extra elasticated panel at the waist to provide you with extra comfort and support and allow you to move more freely. This panel will also stretch as your body continues to change, so you won’t need to keep buying bigger sizes!

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