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Yoga Clothes With Style

There's an old cliché that suggests that whatever you're prepared to spend, yoga clothes are drab and unfashionable. However, the days of generic grey jogging bottoms and worn-out gym t-shirts are over; with yoga, pilates and other mat-based flexibility and meditative disciplines becoming the new UK craze, there's a market for fashionable, fitting and funky yoga clothes in all the colours of the rainbow.

Yoga-lovers rejoice then, because at Wellicious we make it our mission to keep our fans cool during their workout; in both senses of the word! Not only are our clothes breathable, comfortable and seriously functional, for a limber and sweat-free workout, they're also available in a variety of cute colours, and fashionable, flattering styles; check out our Aladdin-style, loose-yet-fitted swing flatters every figure while staying super-comfortable.

It's unfortunately true that it can be tricky for UK yoga-enthusiasts who live outside the city to get hold of the latest yoga gear, especially in smaller towns without dedicated new age and yoga shops. However, there's no excuse to be without the latest yoga gear; here at Wellicious we're pleased to trade online. We offer all the latest yoga clothes in a variety of sizes, colours, and bang up-to-date styles. Check out our range of cute yoga t shirts, sweat pants, mats, and womens yoga tops in a shoulderless dancer-style that would do the girls in Flashdance proud. Our yoga clothes are comfortable enough for a workout, and cool enough to take you out afterwards.

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