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Yoga And More

All the lifestyle gurus this month are talking about the imporance of using natural and herbal remedies to ward off illness as winter comes on. If you're a new-ager, a fitness-enthusiast or looking to get into a healthier lifestyle, it's time to think about incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. Not only is it the perfect natural way to tone and strengthen muscles, built core strength and improve flexibility, it's also a good way to make new friends who share your interests.

Yoga, pilates and fitness groups can help women who are new to the area, too busy to keep up with old friends, or find themselves with too much free time make acquaintances who share an interest in natural living and wellness.

In terms of yoga wear, at Wellicious we're the experts at providing our customers with the yoga wear they need to pursue holistic health and happiness at the mat. And because we know our audience, we've made such to include plenty of Mother Earth-friendly 100% pure organic loungewear in our fresh and funky range. If when you think "yoga wear" you think of baggy, grey shirts and jogging bottoms, think again; we've got flattering, fitted shirts, sweaters and pants which will give you the movement you need to get a good workout every time. Best of all, there's no worries about functionality at the Wellicious camp; our cheerful yoga tops and cute dancer-style wraps are all in breathable, natural cotton, helping you stay fresh for even the most intense workout.

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