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Everything You Need For Baby Yoga

Baby yoga focuses on building the bond between parents and their children. It offers physical stimulation and interaction by using movement, touch, deep relaxation and flowing postures to create a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity within the parent and the baby, and is designed to develop as the baby continues to grow.

Yoga postures are proven to relax and calm adult practitioners, and have a similar effect on babies. Baby yoga promotes deep sleep and contentment, which is not only essential for a baby’s positive nurturing and development, but beneficial for helping parents cope with the stresses associated with a new baby. At Wellicious, we fully support the myriad of benefits that baby yoga brings both parents and infants alike. That is why, in addition to our extensive range of yoga clothing for women, we also provide baby yoga T-shirts and other accessories so you and your little one can enjoy this quality time together in comfort and style.

We offer snug-fit holistic silk baby slippers with intricate prints in blue, jade and rose, as well as either blue or rose holistic silk yoga mats perfect for supporting your little one during the exercises. The renowned Wellicious Yogista T-shirt can also be purchased for your little baby in either purple stripe or olive stripe, so she can express her enthusiasm for this discipline even before she can speak! Please feel free to browse our collection of baby yoga products and start realising the benefits of this practice today.

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