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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • How Prenatal Yoga Can Benefit You

    Excercise is important in order to keep fit and healthy while pregnant, particularly if you are used to exercising regularly pre-pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for pregnant women, and has numerous physical and mental benefits for both you and your baby. Yoga helps you to build strength, which will make it easier for yo ...

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  • Malabar Trading - Treasures Of Handcrafted Ethnic Homewares

    Malabar Trading began life as a small shop in Bridport and continues to be a busy and thriving business. There is a wide variety of goods for sale including many unique items. There are kilims, small rugs, saddlebag cushions, cotton filled quilts, silk quilts, silk clothing, nightwear, curtains, bedspreads and tablecloths, even hand painted Tur ...

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  • Yoga At Every Age

    Yoga is a sport for any age, with many enthusiasts practising it throughout their lives either consistently or for many different periods. Many women report that their yoga journey begins at university or in their twenties, as part of a foray into a healthy, mindful existence involving fitness and an interest in new-age therapies like pilates. ...

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  • This Season's Yoga Clothing

    It's been an exciting month for the discipline of yoga, with news emerging that certain low-energy and relatively simple poses can actively guard the human body against diabetes. A study conducted at a Mangalore Medical College has got everyone talking this week, especially in the diabetes research field.  The study, carried out at the Kasturba ...

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  • The YOGA Show 28th, 29th and 30th October 2011

    Come and spend three days in yoga bliss, the total Yoga experience under one roof. The eighth annual Yoga Show will once again be held in the prestigious National Hall, Olympia.There are a wide range of classes and workshops taking place at the event across all three days, many of which are FREE, there is only one place to spend the weekend in ...

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  • Yoga And More

    All the lifestyle gurus this month are talking about the imporance of using natural and herbal remedies to ward off illness as winter comes on. If you're a new-ager, a fitness-enthusiast or looking to get into a healthier lifestyle, it's time to think about incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. Not only is it the perfect natural way to t ...

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  • Yoga Clothes With Style

    There's an old cliché that suggests that whatever you're prepared to spend, yoga clothes are drab and unfashionable. However, the days of generic grey jogging bottoms and worn-out gym t-shirts are over; with yoga, pilates and other mat-based flexibility and meditative disciplines becoming the new UK craze, there's a market for fashionable, fitt ...

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  • Rockin Soulful Yoga Immersion With Jasmine Jolley And Guest Teachers

    Rockin Soulful Yoga Immersion, from March 3-13, 2012, in Goa with Jasmine Jolley & guest teachers. You have always wanted to visit India and need a time out and would like to deepen your yoga practice. Then this is perfect to escpae from the cold and winter climate and join Jasmin and her guest techers for 10 unforgettable days in Goa. Expe ...

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  • Everything You Need For Baby Yoga

    Baby yoga focuses on building the bond between parents and their children. It offers physical stimulation and interaction by using movement, touch, deep relaxation and flowing postures to create a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity within the parent and the baby, and is designed to develop as the baby continues to grow. Yoga postures are prove ...

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  • Relax And Pamper Yourself At Home

    After a long day at the office, a day of running around after the little ones or running a host of different errands; stepping into your slippers and fixing yourself your favourite drink or treat is a more than welcome reward. It’s essential that we dedicate at least some portion of our day to relaxing and pampering ourselves, in order to re-en ...

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