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Pilates Clothing - Preparing for Your First Class

If you're walking into a Pilates studio for the first time, it can seem slightly daunting. But you'll soon be loving it. You don't need to bring much with you to the studio for your first class. All necessary equipment will be provided. However, many people like to use their own mat ,  so you may want to do the same eventually, here you should experience our godess "Divine Yoga Mat".

For your first class, all you need to take is a water bottle, having ensured you are well hydrated before you begin. As for Pilates clothing you need to be able to move and stretch. Clothes should be loose rather than baggy, allowing your teacher to see how well your bones are aligned and how well your muscles are engaged. You could start off by wearing regular loungewear, such as our Wellicious Flexi Longsleeve in Princess Pink or our Wellicious Button Beauty V-Neck in Gorgeous Grape,  Stay down leggings in True Blue and a Pilatina Tank. No fancy footwear is needed as you'll probably be barefoot. Avoid long necklaces, dangling bracelets and belts. Keep your hair tied back , here you can use our Wellicious Headband in Plum Perfect, and away from your face. Finally, some people are sensitive to perfumes and strongly scented deodorants, so increasingly studios are asking students to avoid wearing heavy fragrances in the studio.

At Wellicious, we offer a great selection of loungwear and Pilates clothing made from high quality fabrics. Our clothes are ideal for your class or for when you just want to feel super-comfortable at home. Learn more about our latest offers, read some customer testimonials or sign up for our newsletter today.

Now, relax and enjoy your first Pilates class with Wellicious.

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