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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • Yoga and Pregnancy

    Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay in shape and feel fantastic, while doing the best for your unborn baby. It prepares you mentally and physically for giving birth. You will also enjoy meeting other expectant mums. If you are a newcomer, your pregnancy is a great time to get into a routine - you will find you want to continue long after ...

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  • Summer Body Experience at Ushvani London

    Experience the delights of Malaysia without having to endure the long journey........... Feel pampered for a whole 90 minutes, with a combination of the Body Scrub, the signature Stomach Massage, Back of Leg Massage and a Body Wrap. Featured in Tatler's 'Time To Get A Beach Body' in July 2011 Ushvani's ridiculously smart little spa just off Slo ...

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  • Yoga: Feeling the Benefits and Staying Comfortable

    Yoga brings many benefits, from increasing muscle strength and boosting stamina to enhancing flexibility and breathing capacity. It is non-competitive, works on every part of the body, and focuses on mental well-being by improving concentration, and allowing relaxation. You will start to feel the benefits within weeks - but bear in mind tha ...

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  • Yoga Clothing Doesn't have to be Boring

    There's more to yoga wear than grey tracksuit bottoms and uninspiring T-shirts! Fashions in yoga clothing now change as rapidly as they do for regular clothes, so you can be sure to find something to wear which is bang up to date. And, of course, the more comfortable you feel and the happier you are with the way you look, the better you are ...

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  • How great yoga clothing can boost your exercise efforts

    Sticking to an exercise and healthy living regime can be tough. After all, the last thing you want to do after a tough day is launch into keep fit routines. Instead, you might prefer to settle down in fro ...

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  • Feel like a godess and experience our "Divine Yoga Mat"!

    Our Wellicious’s brand new ‘Divine Yoga Mat’ certainly lives up to its name! Ethically made in Germany to the highest specifications, each Divine Yoga Mat features 300 SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ stones forming a gracefully designed Mandala, a Buddhist symbol for religious rites and meditation. Available in two beautiful colours: Caviar Black and V ...

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  • Yoga can bolster your confidence on the beach

    For much of the year, you might find yourself buried under multiple layers of clothing. After all, the British weather is not renowned for being hot and sunny. Instead, it is often characterised by rain and low temperatures. However, there are a few weeks a year in the late spring and summer during which you may find your winter garments become ...

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  • Simple and stylish yoga clothing

    Few yoga instructors place any restriction on what their students can wear in the studio. That's good news as far as we're concerned, because it means fewer boring yoga clothes and more interesting, attractive designs. Looking good is one step towards feeling relaxed and comfortable in any environment, and that's just as true in a yoga class as ...

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  • Pilates and yoga wear for all ability levels

    The great thing about yoga and Pilates is that absolutely anyone can get involved. Beginner classes cater to all fitness levels, and in many studios a typical class includes all kinds of people from vastly different walks of life. There might be a grandmother who wants to stay active and enjoy better joint health and mobility, a young mother ge ...

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  • The yoga lifestyle can help boost your energy

    Modern life can be stressful and you might find you are constantly on the move and always have a sense of urgency. This can have a detrimental impact on your health and general well being and you might end up feeling worn out and lethargic. Like many individuals, you may get through the day on a cocktail of caffeine and processed convenience fo ...

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