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Yoga: Feeling the Benefits and Staying Comfortable

Yoga brings many benefits, from increasing muscle strength and boosting stamina to enhancing flexibility and breathing capacity. It is non-competitive, works on every part of the body, and focuses on mental well-being by improving concentration, and allowing relaxation.

You will start to feel the benefits within weeks - but bear in mind that if you don't carry on with your practice, these advantages are quickly lost.

If you're new to this activity, one of the key things you may be wondering about is yoga clothes. While there are no hard and fast rules about yoga wear, the obvious answer is to wear something you are comfortable in, and non-restricting. You are not entering a fashion show! For women that often means leggings and a T-shirt, while men generally don tracksuit bottoms or shorts with a T-shirt.

While bare feet are the norm, you might appreciate a pair of non-slip socks during the winter. If you are a contact lenses wearer, you may be better off swapping them for glasses. A mat is generally provided, but you may want a blanket or extra layer of clothing for when you relax.

At Wellicious, we supply brightly coloured yoga wear in papaya, flamingo pink and raspberry. Our yoga clothes include leggings and wide pants, t-shirts and tank tops, all made from high quality materials. We also supply loungewear and Pilates clothes, and some gorgeous accessories. Visit our website today - we'll soon have you looking and feeling awesome!

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