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Pilates explained

Like most people, you may well have heard about Pilates. It is an exercise form that is gaining popularity in the UK and many other countries as people seek effective ways to get in shape and stay healthy. However, you might not know exactly what the discipline involves.
It gets its name from its inventor, the German Joseph Pilates. He developed the technique in the early 20th century and called his method Contrology because he believed that it utilised the mind to control the muscles.
When people don their Pilates clothing to take part in such sessions, they generally do so to increase their strength, flexibility and control of their body. In essence, the technique is a body conditioning routine and, as well as the aforementioned advantages, it can also help to boost endurance and coordination.
These days, millions of people across the world engage in such endeavours, with many now making use of the specialist Pilates clothing available. A considerable number of these individuals attend classes where they benefit from the guidance of a specialist instructor.
However, there is also the option of using DVDs and books to engage in the activity at home.
Here at Wellicious, we stock a vast array of clothing that is perfect for such exercises. Also, we offer an impressive range of loungewear. To view our yoga and Pilates products, as well as our loungewear, simply take a look around our website. Such offerings can help you look and feel great, whether you are exercising or not.

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