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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • Yoga wear can be versatile

    Often exercise clothing does not look particularly appealing and is therefore not worn in other situations. For example, people don't tend to don frumpy tracksuits unless they are in the gym or playing sp ...

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  • Wellicious Guest Post by Jillian McKee "Yoga: Offering Many Benefits to Cancer Patients"

    We are proud to present Jillian McKee's article about the effect of yoga on cancer patients and how they benefit by engaging in the activity. If you would like to contact Jillian, please e-mail us. Cancer patients face an amazing amount of stress in their daily lives. Relaxing activities, such as meditation and yoga, help calm the spirit and ...

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  • Wellicious on

    Illustrator Mercedes, better known as ElFashionista, started blogging four years ago. Her posts are about fashion, beauty and illustrations (of course), which she also sells. Mercedes can count 8000 fans on her Facebook page, lifting her to the elite of influential fashion blogging. Her interest in Pilates made her aware that no stylish and ...

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  • Pilates explained

    Like most people, you may well have heard about Pilates. It is an exercise form that is gaining popularity in the UK and many other countries as people seek effective ways to get in shape and stay healthy. However, you might not know exactly what the discipline involves. It gets its name from its inventor, the German Joseph Pilates. He dev ...

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  • Yoga in the Alps with Kirsty Norton

    A unique late summer yoga retreat from 28th September - 1st October takes place at Chalet Beauvoir, in the south-east of Geneva, in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt. In collaboration with Adventures in the Alps, Kirsty Norton will teach rejuvenating yoga lessons, ranging from flowing asanas, breathing techniques and meditations right up to long relaxatio ...

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  • A great idea for presents

    You may yourself have a selection of yoga clothing at home. After all, if you take part in such activity, it is good to have the right garments at your disposal. This can help ensure you get the most from ...

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  • My Calm Concept Store - the online store for a relaxed lifestyle

    A new online concept store,, focuses on yoga and loungewear that is versatile, fashionable and can be worn for countless other occasions. is yet another source of Wellicious clothing. You can find ideal easy clothing for one of those days when you just have to get out of restrictive business wear and thereby wipe off ...

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  • Wellicious at Four Seasons Hampshire

    We proudly announce that our gorgeous Wellicious yoga, Pilates and loungewear collection will soon be available at Four Seasons in the idyllic scenery of Hampshire. This exclusive hotel features a one-of-a-kind Spa, located in the picturesque stable block of the estate. Whilst enjoying a rejuvenating or energizing treatment one is exposed t ...

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  • The perfect way to relax after a stressful day

    The modern world can be a stressful and frenetic place. Like many people, you might find your mind is on overdrive most of the time and it feels as though there are simply too few hours in the day. Perhap ...

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  • Boost body and soul with yoga sessions

    You will no doubt have heard about yoga. The activity is rapidly growing in popularity around the world as more and more people discover the benefits associated with it. Indeed, many of the world's most famous celebrities engage in such endeavours to help them stay in shape. There are multiple benefits associated with slipping into yoga clothes ...

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