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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Vinyasa Yoga with David Lurey

    The breathtaking mountains of Garopaba, Brasil, will be the dream location for a one-month Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, with David Lurey. This course is designed to build a solid foundation in the practice of Vinyasa flow, with daily Asana practice. Your own personal practice as well as your skills in teaching will be greatly improved. ...

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  • Wellicious Loves Ella's Kitchen

    It all started with a strong vision – Paul Lindley, Ella’s dad always aimed to provide his children with healthy and natural foods and surprised them with the fact that organic groceries do not only taste delicious but that they are cool too. Ella`s Kitchen develops products from the viewpoint of children, with what appeals to them in mind; fro ...

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  • Look the Part in Your Yoga Classes

    You might love nothing more than getting stuck into yoga classes. Such sessions provide the ideal means of relaxing and staying healthy - and they can be fab when it comes to toning too, which is always a good thing! But to get the most from these sessions, you should make sure you have the right sort of yoga clothing on. If you fail to source ...

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  • Bringing Yoga Clothes Bang Up to Date

    Yoga is an activity with roots tracing back a long time. Over recent years, the pursuit has risen in popularity in the US, the UK and many other countries as more and more people realise the health benefits it can bring. However, certain misconceptions remain concerning the form of exercise and this can put some individuals off partaking in it. ...

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  • Yoga Wear for Mother and Baby

    Having a child is a defining moment in your life and it can be the most rewarding things you ever do. However, it can be hard to cope during the initial stages. Adjusting to the new responsibilities associated with raising a youngster and dealing with the lack of sleep can be tough. However, there are ways of making this period easier. For exam ...

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  • Yoga Clothing has a Use Beyond the Mat

    As the name suggests, yoga clothing is perfect for taking part in the discipline. It is designed to permit movement and to be comfortable.If you come to us here at Wellicious to source it, you can rest assured that not only will you feel great while taking part in your exercises, but also that you will look the part. Our colourful and stylish r ...

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  • Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Facial- Great!

    This facial is a must and it is Eco in every sense! Designed to restore the natural balance of your skin, the Pinks Boutique products use only natural ingredients, herbs, essential oils and anti oxidants to promote clear, hydrated radiant skin.  Our organic facial combines cleansing,  a deep cleanse with our camellia based melt, exfoliation ...

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  • Don't Sacrifice Style for Comfort - Get Both!

    If you have joined the rising number of people across the globe taking part in yoga, you will no doubt be on the lookout for great clothes to wear when you are engaging in the activity. As well as being a fantastic way to relax body and mind, the pursuit can be quite physically testing. This means that you will need garments that enable you to ...

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  • Make Yourself Feel Good with New Yoga Clothes

    If you are into yoga, you might like nothing more than stocking up on your selection of yoga wear. After all, donning new yoga clothes makes what is already a great experience even better. As well as experiencing all the health benefits of the physical activity - and being able to relax your mind - you will feel a renewed sense of confidence. P ...

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  • Satja Jewelry Launch on Tuesday 6.06.2011

    Satya Jewelry will launch their new and beautiful Summer Collection tomorrow in Covent Garden. Visit their luxurious shop on 28 Henrietta Street, WC2E 8NA and win goodies from Wellicious! Doors open at 5.30pm!!! Please click here for information.

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