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Warm, Stylish Loungewear Clothing

Cashmere is a type of wool, but it doesn’t come from sheep. It comes from cashmere goats, which have an especially soft, warm wool. It’s the softness that marks it out, and you can recognise cashmere easily just by the way it feels on the skin. There is nothing quite like it- the best Cashmere is softer even than lambs wool or merino. Those fibres are also strong and particularly warm, which means cashmere loungewear is perfect for winter. It’s soft enough to fit in with our ideas about comfortable and attractive loungewear and warmer (and far more stylish) than synthetic equivalents. Cashmere clothing is gorgeous to touch and even better to wear. Historically, cashmere was considered the finest of all wools. It arrived in Europe during the Napoleonic era and was immediately recognised as an outstanding fabric. Trade routes sprang up to bring the raw wool across all the way Asia to France- the effort involved is testament to the luxurious qualities of the fabric and it wasn’t long before the most fashionable ladies of Paris wore cashmere as a matter of course. Britain and the rest of Europe quickly developed an appetite for cashmere that survives to this day. As loungewear, our range of cashmere clothing is unrivalled for comfort. The cardigans in particular are showpieces.

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