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One Day Detox Retreat on 28th May 2011 at Soho House

Have you ever wondered how your body works? Did you know that when you argue with someone and get angry your liver can't clear out toxins because its blocked by your negative emotions? Did you know that when you feel your stomach churning from fear, its actually affecting the tissue in your gut? Its preventing your intestine from absorbing all the nutrients from your food as its making your stomach acidic. Your emotions are creating acidity in your body. Have you ever felt pain in your lower back when you are busy, stressed and run down? What do you usually blame it on? Your chair? Your posture? Did you know the pain could be caused by your adrenals overworking and tipping your hormones out of balance? How did you think your emotions were 'felt' by your body? Only in your brain? Or did other parts of your body feel them too? What would you think if I told you that your hormones are there to translate your emotions into a physical act within your body and on your organs and digestion. Geeta Sidhu, CEO and founder of Nosh Detox Delivery spent years training as a Medical Intuitive (well, on top of being a corporate lawyer...) and her work involves working with the various organs of your body to release stuck emotions, negative memories and unblock fear. She can tell you when you last had an argument with someone, as I can see it blocking your liver from doing its work. She can help you to see how you are holding on to emotions in your lungs which are making you feel low and depressed - and then show you how to release those emotions and completely improve your lung function. Sounds good no?

"My sessions with Geeta were incredibly revealing and insightful. I have had years of therapy but nothing has been quite as powerful as my two sessions with Geeta. I truly believe you are a healing angel and a valuable aid in my search for peace." Alice W, London 2009

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