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Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • ISHTA Yoga Classes in London with Katrin Repka

    ISHTA Yoga is an acronym for the Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. It also is Sanskrit for individual - so ISHTA yoga focusses on the individual, offering students the possibility to truly become comfortable within themselves. Katrina Repka has been studying and teaching yoga for the past fifteen years. Her early training was i ...

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  • Why You Need the Right Yoga Clothes

    Yoga is all about being able to totally relax and forget about restrictions. Therefore if you don’t wear the right yoga clothes you are going to quickly find that you are not able to fully let yourself go as part of your mind will be thinking about how you’re not as comfortable as you should be. Yoga clothes should be flexible and unrestrictive ...

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  • Comfortable and Beautiful

    Yoga is wonderful for self esteem. However, wearing the wrong yoga clothes can be completely detrimental to how great you feel, with traditional yoga clothes looking frumpy or just plain ugly. Some people have a notion that Yoga Clothes are all floaty and shapeless, and that is simply the way it has to be, but the truth is yoga wear simply need ...

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  • Gabriela and Satyarthi Yoga Retreat in Greece - June 19-26, 2011

    Enjoy Gabriela's and Satyarthi's dynamic, passionate, life-loving and thorough approach in this unique collaboration to help you unwind, re-set, and heal! Join them for this special 7-day Yoga & Healing retreat to Crete, the birthplace of Greek Gods, on pristine beaches of Libyan Sea. Based at the charming Pavlos Taverna, we will celebrate ...

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  • Get In Shape for Summer

    If you are like us, then you will get to the end of every year and say “where did the year go?” Well, whilst it may still be cold outside, you will probably still manage to be surprised at just how quickly summer swings around. And by the time it does, the chances are you will already want to be in shape, rather than desperately trying to catch ...

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  • Mr and Mrs Pillow Cases

    We just love these pillow cases. 100% Egyptian cotton standard size pillowcases. Also available in Mr and Mr and Mrs and Mrs. Hand-printed at Twisted Towers in Camden, London. Size: 75x50cm For more information please click here.

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  • Great deals on yoga clothes

    Yoga might have changed your life. The activity is a great way of getting in shape and improving your health and you may well see it as part of a whole lifestyle that involves eating sensibly and taking care of yourself in general. After all, the frenetic and stressful pace of modern life can take its toll on body and soul and leave you feeling ...

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  • Yoga and Pregnancy

    Many people are aware that yoga is recommended for those who are pregnant, but often are not sure as to why. The benefits of yoga during pregnancy are numerous. Not only are other forms of exercise much more difficult during pregnancy, but some can even be quite dangerous, whereas yoga helps you keep fit and exercised whilst also promoting grea ...

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  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Maya Fiennes loves Wellicious

    Maya has combined her talents as a successful classical pianist and performer with her upbeat personality, culminating in a unique and revolutionary style of yoga and meditation for modern living. Maya’s style of yoga is based on the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Her visible philosophy of good health and living with inner peace and confidence, have ...

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  • Products to Help You Relax

    At Wellicious, we are all about increasing wellbeing and promoting happiness. And we all know we are happiest when we feel and look great. That is why we offer yoga clothing that is designed to not only help you get the most out of your yoga regime, but also to help you look fantastic no matter where you are. But it isn’t just Yoga Clothing tha ...

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