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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Yoga and Skiing at Christmas

    We introduced the hotel Miramonte to you this Spring after our last visit. Now during the Holiday Season enjoy healthy food, yoga, skiing, bathing in thermal spring water and all this in a dreamlike mountain setting in one of our favourite hotels in Austria! We guarantee an unforgettable, fairytale Christmas with everything that goes along with ...

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  • What to Look for in Yoga Clothing

    Yoga is all about being relaxed, stress-free, and in tune with your body. You can only hope to achieve that state if you’re wearing the right clothes to help you in your workout, so just what should you look for in yoga clothing? The first thing is fit. You need your yoga clothes to fit perfectly, and for yoga that means not being too tight or ...

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  • Where to Find the Ultimate Yoga Wear

    Thanks to the rise in popularity of yoga, there are more yoga clothing options than ever before. But, with so much to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to know what to go for – you want the best clothes possible, but a lot of companies try to knock out poor-quality versions in an attempt to get on the bandwagon. So, with so much to cont ...

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  • How Yoga Clothes Can Improve Your Workout

    Whatever form of exercise you do, whether it’s running, aerobics or anything else, it’s always wise to have the right equipment to hand. The same can certainly be said of yoga, and if you have the right yoga clothes (and related items) you can look forward to improving your workout no end. Yoga clothing has been specifically developed to meet t ...

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  • Why You Need Loungewear in Your Wardrobe

    You know those days where you just can’t decide what to wear, and all you want to be is comfortable? That’s where loungewear comes in. This type of clothing is ideal for those days where nothing else will do, and should always form a major part of your wardrobe. These clothes should be your weekend staples. They’re incredibly comfortable and ar ...

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  • The Yoga Store, Zurich, Switzerland

    We have great news from Zurich! Just this week Aquila Camenzind launched the first yoga shop in the heart of this picturesque city! At The Yoga Store you will find carefully selected and super stylish yoga, dance and Pilates products. Yogistas and Pilatinas from all over the city now finally have the chance to try, feel and test Yoga clothing f ...

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  • Great Detox Workshop at Evolve London

    Chris James is a well-respected and sought after name on the international yoga circuit, he combines teaching yoga and meditation with a passion for health and nutrition. Chris who is the founder of the Mind and Body Cleanse™ will handhold you throughout the process exclusively at Evolve Wellness Centre in January 2011. He will deliver four bes ...

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  • Invest in Yoga Clothing to Look the Part

    The popularity of yoga has drastically increased in recent years, thanks in no small part (one would imagine) to the numerous celebrity endorsements it’s received. To account for its increased popularity, the range of yoga clothing on offer has also increased, and anyone that wants to take yoga seriously would be wise to invest in some. Everyon ...

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  • Winter Warmers: Cashmere Clothing

    Britain is not renowned for being particularly warm, and in the winter, nothing feels nicer than luxurious cashmere, soft and soothing against the skin. From our London boutique, the Wellicious staff members are trying to take the edge off winter with beautiful cashmere clothing options. In addition to beautiful cashmere, we offer loungewear an ...

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