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Yoga Clothes for the Cooler Months

Just because it's coming up to autumn and winter does not mean that you can't go out in style. Most people associate cooler months with wrapping up in consuming coats and practical clothes that serve as protection from the cold more than anything else, or often find themselves quickly stepping out of the house for a pint of milk wearing loungewear that is baggy, unflattering and less than warm enough to endure the weather. Long yoga pants from Wellicious are not only perfectly designed to accompany an intensive yoga workout, but are also ideal for use as general loungewear, or for nipping down to the shops for a day with a group of friends. Available in a range of designs that include flattering gathered waistlines, ties for the bottom of the pants and form-fitting leggings, these yoga pants come in every colour imaginable to suit any outfit perfectly. Hoodies usually tend to be met with groans of distain for being too baggy and unflattering, yet an equal amount of cheers for being incredibly comfortable. With a yoga hoodie from Wellicious however, you can be sure of having access to a wide range of designs that were created to be flattering, whilst retaining the comfort that makes a hoodie such an essential item of clothing to own. There is also a selection of diverse long-sleeved tops from Wellicious; available in colours to suit all skin tones and uses, from feminine Petal Pink to neutral London Grey. Wraps, cardigans and cover-ups in the collection have been designed with making movement easy during exercise, but also with providing a stylish alternative to traditional exercise clothes by producing clothes fashion-consciously.

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