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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • Wellicious Summer Competition

    We have given our lovely customers the opportunity to win this amazing cashmere piece. Now we are happy to announce that we have the winner of our Summer Cardigan Competition. The new owner of the cardigan made of 100% cashmere is Ms. Helen Shute. We hope Helen will love wearing our cosy cashmere cardigan forever. Congratulations!!!

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  • Doga - Yoga for Dogs

    Doga - is the new yoga trend. Now you can bond deeper with your dog. In Germany you can take now your dog to your yoga classes as well. Wow love the idea... For more information please go to:

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  • Can Yoga Clothes Fit Into Your Everyday Wardrobe?

    As the name suggests, yoga clothing is specifically designed to be worn when doing yoga. However due to the useful properties these clothes have, more and more people have started to integrate yoga clothes into their everyday wardrobe. Wellicious offers a number of yoga tops and pants in different styles and colours to suit all body shapes. Not ...

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  • Looking after Your Yoga Clothing

    After taking the time to choose stylish yoga clothing that fits you perfectly and complements your individual style, you want to make sure it will last. Certainly, by buying excellent quality yoga clothes from Wellicious you have taken the first step in making sure it lasts. However there are a few other things you can do to make sure you exten ...

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  • Cashmere Clothing is the Perfect Choice

    When anyone mentions ‘cashmere clothing’ images of luxury and quality immediately spring to mind. Although it may seem a bit more expensive compared to other materials such as acrylic, supreme quality cashmere clothing will outlive the lifespan of any cheaper alternative material. If you lead a stressful and busy lifestyle, you may dream about ...

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  • Finding Yoga Clothes with Attitude

    When attending yoga classes, you need to find clothes that work just as hard as you do. Stretching and flexing your body in a number of positions-  you need yoga clothes that do not restrict your movements. Of course you also need clothes that look good, as having ill fitting and shabby clothes will affect your confidence. Yoga clothing that fi ...

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  • Do You Need a Special Place to Relax or for a Special Occasion

    Maunsel House is a magnificent 13th Century Manor set in 100 acres of stunning parkland at the heart of sprawling 2,000 acre Estate, compromising of farms, lakes, woodlands, walnut groves, orchards, Somerset Wetlands, cottages and ancient barn. Be it for a yoga break, weeding, or just holiday. This place is just gorgeous! For more informtaion: ...

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  • Being Fashionable in Your Loungewear

    When getting home from work or having a quiet weekend at home, you should be able to switch off and unwind. The clothes you wear will affect the way you feel so choosing loungewear that reflects your personal style is important. Wellicious understands the purpose of loungewear is to be comfortable, however we also realise that you want lounge c ...

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  • Fashionable Women’s Yoga Clothing

    Yoga has become so popular in recent years that it is no longer considered just a way to keep fit and healthy. With more and more people joining yoga classes a new lifestyle of relaxation and looking after our bodies has emerged. If super models and celebrities have jumped on the yoga bandwagon, what is stopping you from joining a class today? ...

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  • Mhhhh Artisan du Chocolat

    You can't always do yoga or Pilates:-). Who can resist chocolate...not me! On a little stroll through Notting Hill, I  came across Artisan du Chocolate. Mhhh...They even offer a "London chocolate tasting evening". What a great idea! For more information please visit:

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