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Caring For Cashmere Clothing...

Cashmere clothing is sleek and soft, and so comfortable to wear. But isn’t caring for cashmere too much hassle? Cotton loungewear is certainly low maintenance in comparison. But then, cotton loungewear doesn’t say “I love you” the way a cashmere sweater does at Christmas time. Actually, cashmere is fairly easy to care for in four simple steps: hand washing or dry cleaning, de-pilling, correct storage, and moth protection. Cashmere is delicate, and washing it in standard washing machines can damage it. Cashmere clothing should be hand washed or dry cleaned, or cleaned on the hand wash or delicate cycle in your washing machine. Once you have washed your cashmere a few times, you may notice some tiny lumps on the fabric—this is called pilling. This is normal, and does not mean that your clothing is damaged or made from inferior material. You can easily remove the little balls of fuzz with your fingers, a fabric shaver, or a special cashmere comb. Cashmere sweaters should not be hung in closets on hangers as this can stretch the fabric and change the shape. Rather, you should carefully fold clean cashmere garments and store them in fabric garment bags. To prevent moths from getting to your cashmere, clothing should be stored in sealed containers. Air your cashmere clothes in full sunlight as moths hate light. Also, you can freeze garments over night before storing them, as this will kill any moth larvae. You can also use moth balls or cedar wood to deter moths as they do not like the smell.

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