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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Yoga Wear

    Anyone who practices yoga knows just how important the right clothes can be. But, those new to the area may need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, so just what makes the right yoga wear so important? Ultimately, it comes down to comfort. Yoga requires you to move into different positions easily and effortlessly, and wearing tight or rest ...

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  • Why Everyone Should Invest in Cashmere Clothing

    Cashmere is a truly luxurious material that was once reserved for only the dressiest of outfits. But, it's since filtered into the realms of comfort clothes and is becoming increasingly popular, and everyone should own at least one item of cashmere clothing. Cashmere clothing offers wearers the height of comfort. There is nothing better than fe ...

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  • Jetlag?????

    We are not a big fan of jetlag. We are sure you either. Organic Pharmacy might have a solution for all of us. "Jetlag" is a simple but wonderful remedy for frequent fliers. With the help of Arnica, Cocculus, and Sucrose, these pills will help to prevent sleep disturbance, muscle stiffness and body clock disruption. Sounds good to me:-). All pro ...

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  • Yoga Purifies the Mind and Body

    Yoga teaches you how to react to painful situations as opportunities for growth, expansion and success and thus you learn not to run away. If your tendency is to focus on the problem when it arises yoga retrains your mind to focus on the solution. If you run away from pain yoga teaches you how to accept it and then move through it. While you ...

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  • How to Make the Most of Yoga Classes

    Yoga is soaring in popularity, and it really isn't hard to see why. It offers the perfect form of exercise that offers numerous advantages to our health and wellbeing, and nowadays there are classes to appeal to just about everyone. To help novice yoga practitioners Iove listed a few tips on how to make the most of yoga classes, from choosing t ...

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  • New Beautiful Website of Yogoloji - Yoga Retreats

    Yogoloji was founded by Francesca Quaradeghini in 2003 and has been running successfully as a luxury retreat business and one to one yoga teaching agency ever since. They run 7 retreats a year in Europe, each hosted by extraordinary teachers who have dedicated their lives to sharing the knowledge they have gleaned over the years. Yogoloji conti ...

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  • Essential Items of Yoga Clothing

    Yoga is enjoying a surge of popularity, and given its numerous benefits it certainly isn't hard to see why. To really enjoy the discipline at its best the proper yoga clothing is vital, and luckily there are plenty of styles to appeal to all preferences. So, to help you make your mind up, here are a few key pieces of yoga clothing that should a ...

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  • Why Loungewear Is So Popular

    There are plenty of popular clothes styles out there, but none covers so many bases and appeals to so many people as loungewear. But just what makes it so popular? Well, there are a number of reasons for this. The first and most obvious answer is that loungewear is comfortable. There is nothing better than coming in after a long day at the offi ...

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