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Unrivalled Comfort with Wellicious Summer Cashmere Clothing

At Wellicious we value comfort and style above all, which is why we are proud to offer cashmere clothing that is unrivalled in terms of comfort ñ but what exactly makes cashmere so comfortable?

Cashmere is actually one of the most sought after fabrics on the planet and originates from the cashmere domestic goat, which are now bred in many parts of India and Mongolia. It was once the case that Cashmere wool was the preserve for the more affluent amongst us, but now it has become a comfortable fabric affordable for all!

Anyone who is lucky enough to own some cashmere clothing or loungewear will understand exactly why it is so well regarded, and will enjoy its unrivalled ability to maintain heat and its near-supernatural comfort level. This is due in part to its unique texture and its soft fibers which are perfectly adapted to insulation.

At Wellicious we like cashmere clothing so much that we are proud to offer it in a wide variety of forms irresistible cashmere jumpers, to cutsie little cashmere shorts in keeping with our philosophy of comfort married with trendy style!

Some of our best-selling cashmere modal clothes include: the ‘Wellicious Scoop Neck Longsleeve - Opal Grey’ which is ideal for lounging around in, or as a fantastic piece for any occasion. The ‘Wellicious Cashmere Dress- Amethyst’ which proves that cashmere isn’t just great for jumpers and is a fab material for any kind of clothes for any occasion.

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