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Enjoy Maximum Flexibility

Yoga is a fabulous way to relax and exercise, and one of the clear advantages of the practice over traditional forms of training is that you don’t really need any additional yoga clothing or accessories to get started and however, like with any discipline the better your yoga clothes, the easier and more effective you’ll be able to practice yoga.

So, What Should I Look for in Yoga Clothing?

The first important consideration is fit. Your yoga clothes should accommodate a large amount of flexibility, this means ideally your clothes should be close fitting, however, failing this (and for the beginner), loose casual clothing would be suitable. What you mightn’t be aware of is that there are many different types of yoga, and therefore depending on what discipline you practice, differently fitting clothing would be appropriate. So, for example, for bikram yoga, which involves a heated room, it would be a good idea to wear closely-fitting coolly clothing

The material of your clothing is also an important consideration, and you will benefit from clothes that are elasticized and allow you the maximum in terms of flexibility. Natural materials such as ethical cotton are also fantastic choices, as they will provide maximum levels of comfort combined with great insulation.

At Wellicious we can offer yoga clothes that are great for all yoga practitioners from beginners to professionals, and whilst our clothes are the best in terms of comfort and flexibility they are also fabulously stylish pieces!

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