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Wellicious - Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere, or goat down, is a source of wool that is processed to become pure cashmere fibres for luxury clothing as well as other textiles. The name Cashmere comes from Kashmir, a state in the north of India where Mongolians first introduced Cashmere garments and goats as they expanded the Mongol Empire. This is where Europeans first became aware of Cashmere.

The goats themselves have two types of hair to combat the climates they live in; soft undercoat hair and long outer hair. When the hair is collected from the goat, the long outer hair is separated from the short undercoat hair, as the soft undercoat hair is what Cashmere is made from. The cleaner this undercoat hair is when collected the more pure the yarn will be in yoga clothing.

As well as being much softer than normal wool fibres, pure Cashmere is also much warmer. Our cashmere clothing such as sweaters and scarves are very effective garments to wear in cold, winter weather, and are available in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. Cashmere fibres are very flexible and can be woven into lightweight or heavier, chunky garments.

When purchasing Cashmere clothing, it is best to select only the purest fibres. Genuine, pure cashmere is soft and comfortable to wear and will last a lifetime if carefully looked after. Cheap imitations will pill and bobble after little wearing and will not offer nearly as good value for money. All our Cashmere is produced in Italy.

For a wide range of our cashmere clothing, loungewear and yoga clothes, visit our store at Wellicious.

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