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Some Basic Yoga Poses

The idea of yoga might send shivers down your not so flexible spine and it really shouldn't. And one of the great things about yoga is that it is pretty easy to get started, with some of its more basic techniques achievable by anyone!

Sitting Position

This is a really easy starting position, and will teach you how to maintain a point of strength down the centre of your body which will have positive benefits in terms of core strength. To achieve the sitting position or Sukhasana you should sit cross legged with your hands on your knees, making sure your pelvic bones are pushed against the floor. The most important thing about Sukhasana is to maintain a steady breathing rhythm, which will help you achieve complete relaxation.

Standing Position
If standing up's more your thing, then a great yoga starting point is the Tadasana or mountain pose which simply involves standing with your feet together and then lifting your toes, and feeling the strength from your head to the floor. Like with the sitting pose you should then concentrate on your breathing and slowly lift your arms upward, concentrating on keeping a strong centre ñ just like a mountain!

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