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Chicza - Organic Rainforest Chewing Gum

To make Chicza, chicle is melted together with natural waxes before it becomes gum base. Still hot, the gum base is mixed with organic sweeteners (among them, the always healthy, low glycemic index agave syrup) and natural flavours, then pressed and shaped into chewing gum strips.

Simple as it sounds, using only natural ingredients and processes, the resulting product is a rare exception in the mostly artificial world of chewing gums. Commonly available chewing gums typically carry no more than 5-7% of gum base, if at all. The rest of the product is artificial, and made from petrol-based polymers, that is, plastics). This is a small amount compared to Chicza's 40% organic gum base.

Chicza's natural taste aims to capture the essence of fresh and wild fruits, herbs and spices, and that original gummy and chewy consistence that only natural gum can give. One of the great advantages of Chicza's composition is biodegradability. Once disposed of, its all-natural components will become dust within weeks. (It can actually improve the texture of compost). Three flavours will be available early 2009: wild mint, heirloom lime and spearmint. Soon, new flavour lines will appear, bringing to you an intense and innovative range of tropical fruits, herbs and spices.

In the beginning Chicza tastes different to any chewing gum that you know, but we love it! For more imformation please visit the website of Chicza.

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