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Choosing the Right Clothes for Yoga

The most important aspect of any clothing worn for studying yoga is comfort. You need to be able to complete all of your yoga positions without feeling restrained, so yoga clothes need to be like our Wellicious collection loose enough to allow you to move freely. If clothing worn during yoga is too tight, then there is the possibility that the circulation of blood and therefore, your flow of energy, could be hindered.

Our Wellicious form-fitting tops allow freedom of movement while keeping your form visible enough for your instructor to see your positioning. Yoga pants can be full length or cropped, depending on your preference and how warm you are likely to get in your session. Shorts are also an option. The only stipulation for leg apparel is that your instructor should always be able to see your feet and ankles so that you can be directed accordingly.

The type of fabric from which your yoga clothes are made also needs to be carefully considered. Many students of yoga prefer natural fabrics as they absorb moisture effectively and generally wear well. Our Wellicious yoga clothes are made from soft fabrics such as cotton and lyocell or tencel. These fabrics are stretchable, move with your body, and breathe well.

Successful yoga is dependant on the student being relaxed and comfortable so that free movement can take place. By wearing appropriate yoga clothes like ours, you will enhance your enjoyment, and therefore your fulfillment of your yoga sessions.

For our wide range of yoga clothing and colourful, stylish yoga loungewear, visit our Wellicious boutique.

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