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4 Tips to keep you Fit and Gorgeous

Worried this year's winter weather is going to cause major havoc to your beauty & skin? Lucy Wyndham-Read Celebrity Fitness Expert and Author of "The No Gym Workout" has 4 Top Tips to keep you Fit and Gorgeous this Autumn...

Tip 1:
With the evening s getting darker it is a great time to do your quick workout in your lunch hour.
Lunch hour  training is a great way of getting a 20 min power walk round the block, simply leave in your locker some leggings t-shirt and trainers, and get your colleagues to join you , you only need to do 20 minutes, so once your out of the office all head off and walk as fast as you can  for 10 minutes then turn round and head back, it's a great way to motivate each other and then you still have 40 minutes for lunch and you will be full of energy for the rest of the afternoon and you will win brownie points with you boss as you will have produced a fired up team for the afternoon.

Tip 2:
Stock up on your soup, this is such a good way of having lots of vegetables all at once, just make sure you avoid adding the cream to this. Add as many vegetables as you can as this ensures you are getting lots of Anti oxidants which will be good for your skin. So remember good food equals good skin.

Tip 3:
Write down your reasons for wanting to get fit and looking good, when you are ever tempted  to put off your fitness session or to have that Danish pastry just refer back to your list and this is often enough to keep us on track .

Tip 4:

Find a Look Gorgeous Buddy this could be your neighbour, friend or work colleague and set a plan for 4 weeks of training 3 times a week together and eating sensibly then as your reward if you both stick to it book yourself in for a lovely spa treatment or a girly day shopping for some fab clothes for those up and coming Christmas parties.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to improve your Well-being!

Lucy is once again featuring our clothing on herself! Below she is sporting our black Wellicious Catsuit during one of her workout videos. If she can look good in it then so can you!

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