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Healthy Summer Hair

The sun’s rays can burn hair, weakening its protein stucture and reducing its elasticity (so it breaks more easily). Combined with chlorine and salt water this can spell disaster. Just as the skin should be protected from the sun so too should be hair. Sun protection sprays and leave-in conditioners must be applied to hair regularly exposed to the sun. To protect hair when swimming, mix some waterproof highfactor sunscreen oil with a thick leave-in conditioner and apply it in sectionsalong the length of the hair. Comb through for even distribution. The oil and conditioner combination protects hair from chlorine and sea salt while also conditioning and maintaining moisture. For best results reapply after swimming.
Deep-Conditioning Treatment: A weekly pre-shampoo deep conditioner nourishes and moisturizes the hair from the roots keeping it healthy and shiny all summer long. Whisk together two eggs, two half eggshells of olive oil (or light vegetable oil), half a ripe avocado and 50ml of purified water. Work mixture into the hair with fingertips and leave for 10 minutes befor shampooing as normal.

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