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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • Healthy Summer Hair

    The sun’s rays can burn hair, weakening its protein stucture and reducing its elasticity (so it breaks more easily). Combined with chlorine and salt water this can spell disaster. Just as the skin should be protected from the sun so too should be hair. Sun protection sprays and leave-in conditioners must be applied to hair regularly exposed to ...

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  • Munchy Seeds

    Munchy seeds blend and roast seeds to produce a deliciously nutritious nibble. Add some excitement to your breakfast and sprinkle Munchy seeds over natural yoghurt and fresh fruit or enjoy it as a nutritious nibble throughout the day. Ideal for coeliacs, people with diabetes, vegetarians, vegans and those concerned with their health and nutriti ...

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  • Pregnancy Workshops at Kingyo Therapy Suites - London

    Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond is a series of workshops hosted by Dr Elizabeth Lim, Chiropractor, and joined by guests with specialist knowledge of the subject. The aim of the series is to bring you in touch with the people who can help make your pregnancy and birth a happy and healthy one. In the last of the series we will also introduce you to h ...

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  • A Detoxing Start in the Morning

    Body Brushing is a gentle yet powerful technique that breaks down congestion in stagnant body parts by stimulating internal movement and draining the lymphatic system. The best is to body brush just five minutes in the morning before showering and always brush towards the heart. That is just a small change to your daily routine which can make ...

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  • Healthy Summer Skin

    We expect a really hot summer after the big disappointment last year and it already looks promising. Of course we all head to the beach, park or lido to catch every bit of the sunlight. But don’t forget that nothing ages the skin more than too much sun. Of course you look great tanned but just follow some simple rules like avoiding the sun abo ...

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