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Our Wellicious Detox Stars from A to Z

Are you tired of counting the calories? Well, you don’t need to worry with nature’s best detox stars:

- Algae

With plenty of minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine and selenium Algae detoxes the gut. You can use it in soups or have it with sushi.

- Artichoke

The perfect starter as it stimulates the bile flow from the gall bladder and prepares your body for an easier digestion.

- Apple

The Top of the fruits with organic acids beneficial for your liver. Apples are also high in pectin which helps neutralise harmful substances.

- Asparagus

Contains potassium and essential oils with only 17kcal per 100g! You can even keep the water where you boiled the asparagus and make a soup or sauce.

- Berries

They are small but effective, high in fibre and acids, essential oils, Vitamin C and can help your digestive system as well as support your liver.

- Cucumber

The cucumber consists of 97% water and contains magnesium and iron. Don’t put too much salt in your cucumber salad as it will absorb all the good stuff.

- Cabbage

Low in calories and makes you feel full for longer, contains fibre and Vitamin E. Add some caraway seeds to your dish to make it easier to digest.

- Dandelion

Is a green detox wonder that contains substances beneficial for the digestive system, kidneys and bladder. Convenient for a 4 weeks cure combined with juice or tea.

- Grapefruit

A boost for your liver, especially when you have it first thing in the morning. Even the white skin contains plenty of good stuff, so you should occasionally eat the fruit as well and not only have the juice.

- Horsetail

Horsetail as a tea is the perfect beauty drink for your skin as it can tighten your skin. Boil one tablespoon of horsetail for 5 minutes and leave it for 15, enjoy!

- Nettle

Nettle contains potassium, calcium and boosts the metabolism. You can find young nettle leaves during spring and prepare it like spinach.

- Pineapple

Pineapple is the perfect detox remedy for your kidneys and can help your digestive system.

Have them fresh as the canned pineapples do not contain the essential enzymes. .

- Potato

The potato can counteract hyperacidity in your body. Leave the skin on so they don’t loose useful nutrients.

- Rice

Rice contains plenty of vitamin niacin which helps your digestive system. Use wholegrain rice to get all the benefits you need and don’t add salt when you want to keep the dehydrating effects at bay.

- Whey

The special composition of proteins prevents you from loosing protein in your muscles. Have 1liter a day when you’re on a proper detoxing cure. If you don’t like whey add 2cl of fruit juice.

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