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Kirsty's Tips for Insomia

To unwind your mind and physically prepare for sleep make a point of doing something to draw a line between your day and your sleep. Do something relaxing like having a bath, reading a book, perhaps don't watch TV for the last hour of your evening. By doing this you are telling your mind that your are preparing for sleep. Avoid caffeine and sugar in the evenings and make your bedroom a calm place to be. Remove any work or clutter and remove all electrical appliances in there. If this is not an option make sure they are all turned off.

Do some gentle stretches for five to ten minutes, listen to your body and let it guide you where it wants to go, be comfortable and don't strain as you stretch. When you get into bed tense up the whole body as you inhale an then as you exhale release all the tension - remember to include your face which holds so much tension. Then totally relax, let the bed support you and surrender to sleep. Feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body, starting at your feed and working up to your head, relax, relax, relax....

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