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An Introduction To Ayurvedic Incense

Ayurveda, a Sanskrit name which means "knowledge" or "science of life", is the science of living in harmony with nature. Developed thousands of years ago the holistic systems helps to balance the body, mind and spirit with guidelines for diet, sleep, meditation, massage, oil baths, the use of herbs and yoga.
A core principle of Ayurveda is that the human body contains three bio-energies called doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).An imbalance of these doshas can lead to illness thus, maintaining or restoring the balance of the doshas is a fundamental purpose of Ayurvedic medicine. Incense is an essential element to keep the doshas balanced. The base, usually a mixture of tree bark powder, sandalwood and ground vegetable coal, is mixed with water to form a paste, rolled, dried and then immersed in a compound of aromatic oils. Ayurvedic preparation differs in that natural essential oils are added before rolling. The paste is made from the base compound of aromatic elements extracted from roots, bark, fruit, and resin, mixed with water and then the blend of essential oils is added. The mixture is rolled and left to dry.
Here some examples of commonly used Ayurvedic incense, including their effects.

Costen: Has a refreshing effect and lifts the spirit on a subtle level.
Jatamansi: Noted for its harmonising, sedative, and mental tuning properties.
Juniper: Is often used to cleanses the atmosphere and support cantering and meditation to uplift your spirit
Loban: Used in temples to create a devotional atmosphere. Purifies the consciousness and calms the mind.
Myrrh: Helps to free repressed emotions to increase powers of concentration.
Sambrani:Often used in Indian temples and spiritual ceremonies. It induces serenity, removes negative thoughts and helps to calm the nervous system.
Triphala: One of the best-known and most important Ayurvedic preparations, with a harmonising effect on the three doshas.
Well known and often used as an ingredient is Ginseng. Its physical structure is the crucial factor therefore. It is believed that it can bring balance and well being to the whole body. Indeed if the plant appears like a hand, then it would have the ability to heal the hands. You should give it a try…

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