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The 9 most important spices for harmony and energy

These seasonings will take you through cold and dark days:

- Chilly boosts and stimulates your blood circulation and releases the body’s endorphins. Great for body and soul.

- Cumin calms you down and supports your digestive system.

- Green Pepper is medium hot, refreshing and supports the protein digestion. It also warms you up and increases your concentration.

- Ginger is especially during winter important to increase your body’s defences. It also helps to feel less bloated. You can have a quick and easy ginger drink, just pour hot water on a piece of peeled ginger and let it brew for a couple of minutes.

- Nutmeg is popular in mashed potato, but use it after your dish is ready cooked! Nutmeg strengthens your liver, lowers elevated blood lipids and lifts your spirits.

- Saffron is ideal for autumn and winter; it balances your mood and metabolism, warms you up and helps to relieve stress.

- Black pepper with the same effects like green pepper, in case you like it hot!

- Vanilla is not only suitable for sweets, but also for fish or poultry it quickens the appetite, supports your digestive system and increases your power of concentration.

- Cinnamon is anyway perfect for Christmas but also warms you up, supports your digestion and is invigorating.

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