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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  • Relax & Regenerate with Laxman

    Beauty comes from within. There is no patent remedy for stress, but Laxman could be a new solution for us. Laxman is currently the most modern and versatile stress management tool. With the help of the highly effective audiovisual stimulation the Laxman aims to make aware the controlling forces of our mind and to learn strategies of self-contro ...

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  • Cranberries for your hair

    Red is the colour of energy and there is no shortage of that in this new shampoo for thin hair. Schwarzkopf’s “Essensity” contains purest organic essences and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances or silicones. The cranberry extracts supports and protects your hair with extra Vitamin C. We love it!

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  • The 9 most important spices for harmony and energy

    These seasonings will take you through cold and dark days: - Chilly boosts and stimulates your blood circulation and releases the body’s endorphins. Great for body and soul. - Cumin calms you down and supports your digestive system. - Green Pepper is medium hot, refreshing and supports the protein digestion. It also warms you up and increases y ...

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  • New Pillow and Aromatherapy at Fregate Island Private

    Frégate Island Private, the exclusive Seychellois retreat, is pleased to introduce a brand new pillow and aromatherapy menu to ensure that all guests enjoy the perfect night’s sleep. This special service is just one of the initiatives taken to ensure guests feel utterly at home during their stay on the island, and awake and ready to embrace the ...

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  • Anti Aging Tip 4 - Reconnect with old friends

    Reconnect with old friends. Everyone has an old friend they’ve lost touch with. Make time to reconnect. Having a lot of active friends and socializing is key to keeping your mind sharp and happy. Everybody needs support by other people.

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  • Top 10 Health Resorts in Asia

    These resorts integrate traditional Asian medicinal practices with western philosophies, to produce a wide array of slimming, detoxification, and revitalizing therapies to enhance health, vitality, and physical beauty. Absolute Sanctuary, Samui, Thailand Thailand’s premier Detox&Yoga Resort, located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, bl ...

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