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Delicious Wellicious on Georgie's Blog

Let's face it, there’s nothing quite like slopping around in trackie Bs and a hoodie when the diary’s empty and the weather’s grey. That said, hubby isn’t all that enamoured by my TBs and whilst I don’t exactly blame him, as a self confessed workaholic (at least four nights a week, my working day doesn’t end before 11pm) comfort is of paramount importance.

Denim is my day to day staple of choice when something smarter isn’t required (and even then I’d rather a tux / leather jacket and great shoes) but when I’m home, going nowhere and working weekends (the joys of running your own business!), I love my loungewear.

And when well being brand Wellicious entered the market earlier this year, I knew I’d made the right decision. My black roll top yoga (aka sit in front of laptop) pants have been worn to death.

As someone who feels the cold terribly (I get it from my mother – she sleeps with a hot water bottle and three extra blankets and that’s just in the summer months) I was grinning from ear to ear when Wellicious’ new Cashmere news po pped into my inbox.
A cashmere poncho, cashmere legwarmers, cashmere pants and the most darling cashmere cardigan with bow (pictured) that all come in Satin Pink and London Grey.
The range is so stylish I can even venture outdoors in it. If I can prise myself away from my laptop that is...

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