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Monthly Archives: October 2008

  • Anti Aging Tip 3 - Exercise

    Make time for exercise. I start my day with a 25 minute yoga workout followed by 5 minutes of meditation. If you don‘t have time to exercise at home try to walk for at least 20-30 minutes. Daily exercise will help you to maintain strength, flexibility, and burn a few calories. The extra fresh air for your lungs is an added plus;-).

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  • Anti Aging Tip 2 - Sleep

    To combat the aging process it is extremely important to enjoy deep and restful sleep. While it might sound easier than it is, do your best to make your sleep environment as distraction free as possible. Deep, invigorating sleep has a positive effect on your energy levels, mood, and general wellbeing. You can use scented candles and cosy bed l ...

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  • Chegworth Valley - Delicious Organic Juices

    Chegworth Valley produces delicious organic juices using only the best apples, pears, wild elderflowers, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, rhubarb, blackcurrants, beetroot and blackberries. The fruits are hand-selected when perfectly ripe and then pressed in small batches to produce a range of the tastiest 100% pure fruit juices available ...

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  • Anti Aging Tip 1 - Water

    Instead of drinking a second cup of coffee, drink a big glass of water or tea instead. Everyone knows that water is good for us, so why not take advantage? Water helps your skin to look more radiant, helps the digestion process, and is an essential for our internal organs.

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  • Yummy - Dr. Karg's Crispbread

    What’s not to love about Dr Karg’s organic Emmental Cheese and Pumpkin Seed crispbread?  Let’s start with the rich wholegrain cereal base.  Then, imagine the melting tang of savoury Emmental cheese combined with nutty pumpkin seeds on a crunchy and tasty base.  But there is more to crispbreads than simply crunch and taste. With a base of who ...

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  • Delicious Wellicious on Georgie's Blog

    Let's face it, there’s nothing quite like slopping around in trackie Bs and a hoodie when the diary’s empty and the weather’s grey. That said, hubby isn’t all that enamoured by my TBs and whilst I don’t exactly blame him, as a self confessed workaholic (at least four nights a week, my working day doesn’t end before 11pm) comfort is of paramoun ...

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  • Sharpham Park Shop - Organic, Beautiful & Delicious

    The Sharpham Park Shop in Shepton Mallet, Somerset is a must if you are in the area. The shop brings together the very best organic and seasonal food and beauty products from a 50 miles radius.  There is also a butcher, bakery and cheese counter in the shop. After your shopping you can either enjoy delicious foods sourced from the shops Jardin ...

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