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10-minute Pilates exercise for the office Part 2:

The second exercise is called the “Leg Worker”:

Stand tall in flat shoes or bare feet on the bottom of a step. Your feet have to parallel and hip-width apart. Hold on to the handrail. Place the balls of your feet on the step and the arches and the heels over the edge. You can also do this exercise on the floor, if you don't have a step, but the stretch will be less. Breathe normally throughout and remain gently zipped. Bend both knees directly over your second toes, maintaining good posture. Do not tip forward or back. Lift both heels so that you are now on the balls of your feet. Keep your knees bent. Keep lengthening upwards, but don't stick your bottom out! Slowly straighten your legs, but stay on the balls of your feet. Now lower your heels away from the top of your head until, if you are on a flat surface, they reach the floor, or, if you are on a step, they lower over the edge to stretch your calves. Repeat the sequence 10 times.

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